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Single client activation code


valid for the last released version 

Buying your Activation Code...

  • You'll have the "Activation Code" banner removed
  • You'll support the daily improvement of OdooPLM Project


It is a pleasure and an honor being part of this OpenSource adventure!

Five years ago, it began nearly as a joke ...and now we are so proud that over 13.700 persons from all over the world are using and appreciating our OdooPLM

The feedbacks that we daily receive from our Customers are just so incentive!

We are doing our best to make it everyday more stable, updated and smarter for your own use. 

Downloading the updated release of the 2019 version, you will be able to know brand new, stable and powerful Mr. OdooPLM!

Considering the great amount of time that we daily dedicate to this project, we kindly ask also your contribution to support our work for you!

We are so grateful to receive also your support, thank you!

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