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how to customize it


We need to customise the sale report view.. in this case the pie-chart.

The default one use the number of order to measure the value on the pie

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How If we would like to measure it not for number of order but instead using the total amount of sale ?

it's very easy task to do ....

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Activate the developer mode



Click on the Scarab Icon

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Click on the Edit View Dashboard


Edit the view

The widget is the one to edit..

append to the attribute dictionary attrs the value 'measure': 'price_subtotal'

now the widget will look like 

<widget name="pie_chart" title="Sales Teams" attrs="{'groupby': 'team_id', 'measure': 'price_subtotal'}"/>

save the record and refresh the view

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And now.. 

your chat will use the price_subtotal instead the number of sale order

be aware to make the view not update or inject the attr via xpath to be sure that you do not loose your modification after a system upgrade

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